Review after 2020HNC Exhibition - new products of Daimin ODM show
date : 2020-12-02 source : Damin Food Zhangzhou Co., Ltd.

On November 25, the 11th China International Health Products Exhibition (HNC) was held in Shanghai

In this exhibition, Daming international takes ODM/OEM products as its main direction,

Under the premise of great health, we should define new snacks and create new formats.

New product review

Probiotics series: Damin international and Jingyue Biotechnology (Fujian) Co., Ltd. cooperate to create healthy and portable snacks by using patent probiotics products to help the new trend of health products.

Weight management: according to the process of human diet and intake, weight management is divided into four modules, namely "intake, resistance, combustion and emission", with a total of five products. With healthy products, in a healthy way, from the source of heat to the body's heat consumption, to achieve the purpose of weight management.

Five elements tea: as a systematic view of ancient Chinese philosophy, Daming International launched a series of five elements tea products based on the concept of traditional five elements health care.

Healthy snacks: under the trend of healthy products, snacks can't lag behind. Daming international health snacks series products use healthy sugar substitute to replace white granulated sugar and sucrose. They enjoy sweetness without the burden of heat and health. They are light and healthy.

Four seasons tea bag: Four Seasons revolve, what does not change is the Chinese people's love of tea. Damin international has launched four seasons health concept tea bags, which are liver protection in spring, dampness removing in summer, lung moistening in autumn and kidney tonifying in winter.

Turmeric, Pueraria, Hovenia dulcis Thunb plant beverage: health is a long-term topic, but it is inevitable to drink more in social intercourse. In order to develop the "turmeric, Pueraria and Hovenia dulcis Thunb plant beverage" in Fujian, the advantages of turmeric, Pueraria and Hovenia dulcis Thunb were fully utilized and scientifically formulated. Keep a bag with you.

Site review

Thank you for coming to Fujian exhibition booth

Damin international will continue to launch healthy products

Let's meet at HNC next year!